A challenge a day will keep content coming every day!

I’m really restless! So it’s challenge Time. I think nothing will help me sort my world better than challenges! I’m eager to try some to get into routines, organize my world and move forward. I need to set goals that I can reach.

Principally, I’m just going to  write about my life… I live in Lublin so it is naturally going to be about my life in Lublin and..the topics will vary .The key thing is, I really do want to write something every day, to keep the flow.

Ideas for challenges to get me started are below. The posts will range from one line to longer, I just have to do it daily.

  • take a photo of something you are grateful for/ you like every day
  • read a short story every  Sunday and write your thoughts on it
  • write an impression a day. Any impression.
  • write a post a day on you hometown. Anything.
  • pick a theme and show what itmeans to you, e.x : how do you see autumn? In photogoraphs, art by others
  • Show things that you find creative every day
  • Show things that captue your eye every day.
  • Show photos you find breathtaking every day
  • Show concepts that intrigue you every day.
  • Reblog content from your pinterest once a day
  • Share a song you love once a day.
  • Read one book from a different country every month
  • Learn one kanji a day and discuss it
  • Post one english/ polish word a day on your blog and dicuss it, use it in sentences.
  • Watch a movie at least once a month and discuss it.

Make sure to keep all these in themed lists and categories.

I’m not making any other plans ther than to use challenges to keep posting.  But I hope this will end up becoming a personal portrait of Lublin and one Lubliner that lives here 🙂 It’s not just about the city, but about the way I think as a person and what shapes and affects my thinking.


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