Watching: The Musketeers

Bez tytułu.png

….but it’s not quite what I hoped for.

It’s on netflix. I’m not particularly fond of this cast. I still prefer the 1970s films with Michael York as d’Artagnan. He remains one of my favourite literary characters.. considered a “naive” Gasconian, he is nonetheless true, headstrong and determined. It’s characters like him that have shaped my ideals since early childhood (The Three Musketeers is one of the books I read rather early on in my teens, I think even Anne of Green Gables came only after the musketeers, I initially thought Ane to be “lame”). I guess I always had an interest in men of honour  and loyal friendship. So I thought I ought to check this one out..but so far it feels a little too overdone, heavyhanded. I really love the 1970s films,  character interactions felt more natural. The firstepisode has one of my favourite pars when dArtagnan  comesto France and  challenges all three musketeersto a duel . I didn’t like  what they changed here and the characters really have  no palpable bonding for me, it all feels forced and stilted, unlike in the 1970s films. And Constance’s nagging in this one is really  annoying me too.Very awkward script  and casting choices as far as I’m concerned.




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