Monday for accidental meetings…

rekindle old   friendships. I like unexpected meetings in unexpected places most of the time. I just had one today on acrowded square.  It’s ever so lovely oto stare alone at a mass of people around you and then suddenly to spot the one familiar, kind face.  The joy of the surprise is immense,  love the feeling.

….accidental meetings in the summer…it was also on a monday….

In he summer I unexpectedly bumped into an old teacher of mine.  It was on Grodzka street…he was going down, I was going up.

I really loved him he was my home room teacher,a kind guy with lots of war stories to tell and immense sensitivity to literature. I used to send him ppstcards and letters regularly, then kind of stopped. But I was really happy to see him in good shape in July. That’s the most recent time we met after many years.  I always appreciated himfor his sensitivity and warmth, he was great for discussions, for talking aboutthe moral choices of characters.I loved literature classes in high school.


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