Time to face an inevitable tomorrow

I made a week long break in posting. The highlights of the past week

  • Trophee de France this weekend (11 to 13.11). I was really happy to  meet Nathan Chen, he’s pretty awe inspiring. I’m all in support of Mao, I enjoy her skating and graceful presence on ice. I  enjoyed Misha’s gala programme  he’s such a showman. He left the rink on the floor, whereas a guest of the gala, Marie Pierre Leray  tackled the rink from above in some amazing acrobatics an elegant programme that was the highlight of the evening.
  • big events in the world, independence day in Poland,  elections, the passing of Leonard Cohen.
  • Enjoyed weekend. But now…time to face inevitable tomorrow. I’m gonna have lots of work and lots of extra work too as I need to temporarily take over some else’s duties… I am happy mostly it’s just… I’m afraid of making mistakes when I do someone else’s work, it’s not a good position to be in….. But well these sudden extra duties help me learn more so I am grateful for the opportunity and for the trust. I also have a few sudden one time tasks coming in. In the meantime, within the extent of my own regular duties, I have some  very interesting tasks  waiting for me that I’m excitedly looking forward to completing as soon as I can.

    What will also motivate me this week is the fact that there’s the Cup of China next week! I’m looking forward to Jin and Patrick.  I adore goofy Boyang, he never fails to make me smile.  I wish him best, I hope he can work on his atristry.



And to end ths with a touch of something warm and positive:





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