Moody Tuesday

…maybe I am still under the influence of the super moon we had last night but  I  have been feeling  very nostalgic, a little lonesome anf reflective today.

The last 10 months have really been the most beautiful and joyful time in my entire life. I treasure all the beautiful moments I have experienced…every day  has been beautiful,I am grateful for EVERY single day over the past ten months. I hope my experiences can give me strength and inspiration, come what may. It’s been a genuinely meaningful period for me..I’ve seen things, met people, completed tasks, it’s all been great. I’m not sure what’s happening from here on out just  yet.

Some highlights of the past 10 months:

  • I discoverd more of what I’m truly interested in
  • I enjoyed The Summer Festval Season in Lublin, met and talked to artists, volunteered for social media campaign for one of them; it was a blast.
  • I have come to value myself for who I am more.
  • I met wonderful, cool people. I learn to let go and be more of myself, more at ease.  These people inspire and encourage me to try and find my own projects to pursue.
  • I enrolled in a film school! I’m gonna listen to lectures on how to make movies. I might participate as a full time student next time. Long live dreams! I want to follow them.

I want to remember and perpetuate these feelings of loss and uncertainty, mixed with happines and a desire to be more forward and courageous. I want to see this post in the future and reflect back on it then.

Here is the super moon as seen by Roman Kravchenko,a photographer running workshops on classic noble photography techniques (among others, ambrotype, talbotype, Vandyke brown) at Workshops of Culture in Lublin. 


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