Isometimes treat them as a bit of a challenge to keep silent. The pas days were overflowing with  feelingsand I wa too focused on other things. I guess it’s a highlight.   I received a lot of kindness durig this time I am grateful for the people around me. I am grateful for opportunities and … More Thanks

Things I love

Waltzes. Defiitely waltzes. I tend to find them very distinctive and easy to like. Here’s my first favourite waltz, part of Khachaturian’s suite for “Masquerade”.   I will post more, one by one.   Masquerade happens to be one of my favourte words, too.  Evokes a bit of mystery, but also wearing masks for the … More Things I love

Moody Tuesday

…maybe I am still under the influence of the super moon we had last night but  I  have been feeling  very nostalgic, a little lonesome anf reflective today. The last 10 months have really been the most beautiful and joyful time in my entire life. I treasure all the beautiful moments I have experienced…every day … More Moody Tuesday

The weekend post

Just a short update o the last few days of my life. Friday’s highlight – someone  was nice and gifted me a smiling lolipop, aw.  I completed a huge task and was proud of it. Watched  Rostelecom Cup. Javier won. I look forward to future competitions, and to future seasons. I love him best in … More The weekend post